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St John’s Wood Square Construction Liaison Group – Meeting Note, 22 November 2016

The St John’s Wood Square Project Construction Liaison Group (CLG) convened for a meeting on 22 November to discuss the latest designs for the scheme and updates to the construction programme. The meeting began with a summary of the principle design changes to the scheme and the rationale behind them. The CLG were made aware that the changes would be displayed at two public exhibitions taking place on 24th and 26th of November. This meeting focused on the location, size and number of residential units and proposed changes to the external treatment of a number of the residential blocks.

This was followed by a summary overview of works which had been undertaken on the site since the last CLG meeting. These included the conclusion of the archaeological digs by MOLA, the removal of the render from the exterior of the Riding School, the sewer surveys, party wall agreements and other investigative works on site.

As a result of the latest investigative works into the soil composition, the construction approach and timeline is being revised. The basement dig time is being extended due to the need to utilise a different methodology, resulting in an overall demolition and construction period of five and a half years. Craigewan made a commitment to making the protection of neighbourhood assets a key priority.

The group was provided with an update on construction traffic routes with an overview of all proposals that were considered before the preferred option was selected. Craigewan pledged to work closely with residents on any concerns raised. This was one of several construction commitments outlined by Craigewan which would be adopted during the construction phase. It was stated that the proposed Site Environment Management Plan (SEMP) would be drafted to meet the requirements of Westminster City Council’s new Code of Construction Practise and the developer would be signing up to the Considerate Contractors’ Scheme.

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