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The Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) has presented a report following the archaeological excavation at St John’s Wood Square. The excavation covered three further areas, taking the total number investigated to date to five. The areas defined by this phase are known as Area 2, Area 3 and Area 4.

The four trenches created in Area 2 found that the latest development of the barracks had removed all previous above the ground structures and did not uncover any foundations or other below ground structures.

The three trenches in Area 3, the former administrative building complex, revealed a footing (type of foundation) and a soakaway (drainage system). There is a possibility that these structures may be associated with the mid-19th century Magazine.

The three trenches in Area 4, car parking spaces in the south of the site, found a foundation for a wall that was probably for the 1835 former accommodation block. Masonry for possible internal structures was also found in the Area.

In concluding, the report found that all previous above ground structures have been removed in the excavation areas but isolated remains of below ground structures remain and may be impacted by the site.

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